Kerry Katona was told her late ex-husband had planned to "inject" their daughter with heroin before taking his own life.

The former Atomic Kitten singer believes she made the right decision when she took out a restraining order against George Kay - who died in 2019 from an overdose at the age of 39 - because she was terrified of what he could do to her and her family, including their litle girl Dylan-Jorge, now eight.

She said: “We were on FaceTime and DJ wouldn’t speak to him, she was only three at the time, and you know what kids are like. He was threatening us both and then he said to me, ‘How’s your mum, Kerry? Is she alright?’ before winking and ending the call.

“It really scared me. Before that, he had threatened to rape my mum and slash her up in front of me. So I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I was terrified he was going to hurt her or DJ.”

And she wrote in her new book, 'Kerry Katona: Whole Again - Love, Life and Me': “[After George died], one of his friends came round and told me I’d done the right thing in keeping him away from DJ,” she writes.

“Apparently, he’d planned on injecting her with heroin and then killing himself.”

The 42-year-old star - who also has Molly, 21, and Lilly, 19, with first husband Brian McFadden and Heidi, 15, and 14-year-old Max from her marriage to Mark Croft - claimed George's family haven't been in contact since he died and she has no idea where his grave is.

She told the new issue of OK! magazine: “I still stand by my decision to stop him from seeing DJ and I know I made the right decision. I would stand on his grave and say it.

“But the sad thing is, I don’t even know where he’s buried. If I knew where his grave was, I would 100% take DJ to visit him. I could cry just at the thought of DJ stood at his grave.

“His family didn’t even give me any of his ashes for DJ. I asked them so many times and I just never heard from them. I will never forgive them for that. I think it’s cruel – she was his baby and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.”

Although George died three years ago, Kerry still feels "scared" he's going to "get" her and doesn't believe she'd be alive today if he hadn't passed away.

She said: “George has such a hold on me, even in death.

"I still feel scared he’s going to get me. He was so manipulative and calculated. I’m also very aware George is dead and he isn’t here to voice his side of the story. But this is all fact – and it’s my truth

“He was so vile to me. I’m telling you now, if George was still alive and I’d have stayed with him, I’d be dead. I would not be here today. My mum, Sue, always used to say she was waiting for the police to knock on the door to say he had killed me.

“I once took pictures of my bruised and battered body and sent them to my mum and manager. I said, ‘If something happens to me, I haven’t done this to myself. Please know it was George.’”