Kerry Katona has played her infamous 'This Morning' interview for her three youngest children.

The 39-year-old reality TV star sat down with her kids Heidi, 13, Maxwell, 12, and Dylan-Jorge 'DJ', five, along with her boyfriend Ryan Mahoney, to rewatch the 2008 interview, in which she was seen slurring her words.

For a new YouTube video, they all watched the interview before Kerry told the children: ''This is back in 2008. As you know I've got bipolar. I went on the show and this is what happened.

''I understand what they're saying. The medication I was on was when I was pregnant with Max, it was a really strong dose.

''I carried on taking that same drug once he was born but it affected my speech. Because we were all together all the time, everyone was so used to it.'

''My speech would be really slow in the morning and it would take a while for it to catch up with me.

''Because my speech was slurred, people actually think I was drunk on the show. That was pure medication and that's what winds me up.

''This is why I want you kids not to judge someone until you know the ins and outs of everything.

''I've told you everything in regards to me doing drugs and drinking and cocaine. I had no reason to lie whatsoever.

''So there you go guys. That's a bit of a trip down memory lane.''

Heidi told her mother that the clip is popular on TikTok, where people make jokes about it.

She said: ''It's on TikTok, people make fun of it.''

Kerry asked Heidi: ''How does that make you feel looking at that?'' and the youngster replied: ''I'm fine with it because I know you're not drunk.''

Kerry - who also has daughters Molly, 18, and Lily-Sue, 17 - previously spoke out about the abuse she got for the interview, saying: ''I was filmed slurring my words, thanks to my bipolar medication, and as a result I was labelled an alcoholic and a 'car crash'.

''Facebook was big back then and so many people were sharing horrible posts about me on there.

''Nobody knew, but because of that I felt so low I wanted to die. My psychiatrist told me, 'Be honest with the public about your previous drink problems, be open about your past drug issues - but do not let anyone know you have mental health issues. What they can't see, they can't understand.'''

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