It's been 11 years since we were rocking out to Kesha's iconic debut album; a time where "Tik Tok" meant something different to what it does now; and we still have a lot of love for it. Animal was released via RCA Records and remains our favourite Kesha album by far.

Kesha - AnimalKesha - Animal

The then-23-year-old worked with the likes of Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Greg Kurstin and Max Martin among others on production for this stellar electropop record, which stood out in mainstream charts thanks to Kesha's silly pop sensibility and charismatic performance. 

The first single from the number one record was Tik Tok which, with more than 25 million sales across the world, remains one of the best-selling digital singles ever. It included subtle backing vocals from P. Diddy, and has become a favourite for parodies and covers ever since its release. The nostalgia is real with this tune!

Other less popular singles were the cheeky feminist anthem Blah Blah Blah featuring electronic duo 3OH!3, the seemingly carefree love song Your Love Is My Drug, and Take It Off which is about Kesha's love of drag shows.

There's not a single track on the album which takes itself seriously, and that seems to be a rare deal when it comes to pop records these days. Of course, a lot has happened since 2010 to pull us down to earth, and certainly to force us to think about life in a more serious way, but Animal represents a time that felt easier - even if it wasn't so long ago.

While it was hardly a groundbreaking release, Animal is the kind of fun and frivolous pop album worth remembering, particularly in times of such depressing uncertainty. Although, listening to it again, it's actually making us miss nights out on the dancefloor more than ever.