Ke$ha loves to skinny dip after her concerts.

The 'Die Young' singer enjoyed a naked frolic in the waters off the coast of Florida with a famous mystery man, but doesn't see it as a big deal, as she and her team all love a late night swim after their shows.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''I ended up in the Miami ocean naked with one certain man we all know.''

Explaining how her team all like to skinny dip, she added: ''There will be 20 people in the ocean naked. We're all kind of hippies and once you're on the road and travel round together, we've seen it and done it all. Nobody really gives a f**k anymore.''

''We're like a rowdy pack of wild animals- my whole team and I. We will play shows and we'll all work until after the show and then after we go completely off and don't know what to expect.''

While Ke$ha isn't shy on camera, her brother, Lagan Sebert - who films her MTV reality show 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' - is a little more squeamish, so she uses code words to protect him from her foul mouth confessions.

She explained: ''Whenever I would talk about balls or butts or anything he'd be uncomfortable about, I would shout 'Lagan earmuffs!' and he would cover his ears and still keep filming.''

Fans of the popular series - which documents the star's highs lows in the music industry - are in for a treat as she added she will edit together more wild antics from her Warrior Tour - which comes to London this week - for a new episode.