Ke$ha found it ''very emotional'' watching her mother on stage in a penis suit.

The 'Die Young' star was joined by her mother - Patricia Sebert, with whom she has written many of her tracks - in Hungary in 2011, where she gladly paraded around as a huge penis in front of 300,000 people.

Ke$ha said: ''We played a show in Hungary in 2011 and it was very emotional. A big part of my show is the penis suit. My mother wanted to be the penis and so she came on and bounced around with tears in her eyes. She made a huge d**k out of herself and really enjoyed it.''

Ke$ha has, by her own admission, an unconventional family and says her mother planned her conception in a very unconventional way.

She added to Q magazine: ''My mother split from her husband. But she wanted another baby and she wanted a Pisces so she timed it right and she went about getting sperm the old fashioned way. She didn't go to a sperm bank, she went to her fertile and friendly male friends and had them make a donation.''