US singer Kesha, AKA Ke$ha, has been told she will not be welcome to perform in Malaysia, leading to her scheduled Saturday show in Kuala Lumpur cancelled. The ban results from the Malaysian authority's fears that Kesha's show, which is known for being raunchy, will offend "religious and cultural sensitivities," according to BBC News.

Kesha's Show Barred Over Fears Of Offence.

The 'Tik Tok' singer had previously encountered difficulties when booking her show in the Far East but reportedly had agreed to compromise by toning down some of her song lyrics and altering her outfits to a more modest design.

Jason Kong, head of PR for promoters Livescape, said that since the ruling, the star had asked what would happen if she ignored the ban. "We told her we would advise against it because the authority will shut down the show," he told Malaysian newspaper The Star.

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Though She Was In The Country & Ready To Perform, Kesha Was Banned In Malaysia.

Kesha tweeted with fury on Saturday, writing "To be clear. I did NOT cancel. I was not allowed to play. And then I was going to play anyways and was threatened with imprisonment."

However, Kong said, "I don't know where the imprisonment [claim] came from. I don't think anyone from the government was in touch with her. I think it was a tweet of frustration."

The rejection of Kesha's concert is said to be rooted in the country's strong Muslim traditions which influences the rules imposed stating that female performers must wear outfits that completely cover from the top of the chest to the knees.

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Though Kesha Had Made Efforts To Tone Down Her Outfits, Malaysian Authorities Still Weren't Comfortable.

Livescape claimed to be "distraught" over the ban, posting on Facebook: "We have done everything in our power to appeal against this decision. Unfortunately, despite efforts that were made down to the wire, including just minutes ago, we are distraught to confirm that the show will be cancelled." More than 1.1 million ringgit (£217,000) will allegedly be lost because of the cancellation.

Livescape also urged the Malaysian authorities to "engage in a productive dialogue" in the wake of many similar incidents that have occurred in the past when Western acts have attempted to play in the country. Gwen Stefani was urged to cover up her bare flesh in 2007 amidst fears that her skimpy outfits could corrupt Malaysia's youth and R&B artist Beyoncé pulled out of a concert in the same year.

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Both Kesha & The Promoters Were Saddened Over The Ruling.

Pop act The Pussycat Dolls were criticised for their sexually suggestive dancing in 2006 whereas just last month metal band Lamb of God were barred for blasphemy.

"To the fans, we apologise for the situation you have been put through," Livescape said.