The complicated and seemingly endless dispute between Kesha and her erstwhile producer Lukas Gottwald (aka. Dr. Luke), but one aspect of it appears to have been ended after Kesha’s mother dropped her counterclaims against him this week.

This particular part of the case started in Tennessee, where Dr. Luke originally sued the pop star’s mother, Pebe Sebert, for defamation and tortious interference. According to him, she had “smeared” him by circulating rumours that he raped Kesha to bloggers and the press after an alleged extortion attempt, which he says Kesha and her mother concocted together, over a contractual disagreement failed.

In turn, Pebe Sebert countersued on the basis of intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, and it is this countersuit that she withdrew on Tuesday (April 26th), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

KeshaKesha leaving court in New York back in March 2016

However, the primary lawsuit, filed by Kesha back in October 2014 for “mental manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual assault” on the basis of which she wants to be released from her contract with Sony, rages on across three states (New York, California and Tennessee). Dr. Luke has consistently denied the allegations, countersuing her for trying to get out of a recording agreement.

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Earlier this month, Kesha failed in her bid to be released from the contract in New York, with the judge throwing it out of court on the basis that Sony had offered Kesha the possibility of not recording with Gottwald from now on.

“The litigation with Dr. Luke has been a nightmare for Mrs Sebert and her family. She has decided to move on and find peace and forgiveness in her heart rather than dwelling in the cancerous past of an ongoing lawsuit with no end in sight.”

In response to this, Gottwald’s representatives released their own statement. “Pebe Sebert's voluntary withdrawal of all her claims against Dr Luke is her acknowledgement that her claims are meritless. Dr Luke's defamation and other claims continue against Pebe and Kesha Sebert.”

Meanwhile, Kesha herself is back making new music again in the studio, alongside EDM producer Zedd. She was pictured recording with him earlier this week, less than a fortnight after she was an on-stage guest during his Coachella festival spot.

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