Kesha is releasing her autobiography.

The 25-year-old singer - who was born in Los Angeles, California, and was brought up in Nashville, Tennessee - will unveil 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' on November 20, and she admits while not every tale of her life is ''glamorous'', the story she has to tell is completely genuine.

She said: ''Sometimes, it feels as if the last few years have encompassed a few decades. You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me on stage and on the red carpet, or in a music video, but that's only a part of the story.

''In these pages, I'm revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like. It's not all glamorous and it's not all pretty, but it's all real.''

The 'Tik Tok' singer - who is releasing her second album 'Warrior' in December - admits her life has gone supernova in recent years, and she is now living out her life-long dream of being a pop star.

She added: ''In less than three years I've gone from being the worst waitress in LA to living out my childhood dreams of singing my songs to people all over the world.''