Acclaimed comedy series Jane the Virgin has wowed audiences with its fresh writing, endearing premise and excellent acting and it seems the first season has gained some celebrity fans along the way as well. Songstress Kesha has announced that she will make a guest appearance in the second season’s second episode.

KeshaSinger Kesha will turn actress on Jane the Virgin

The revelation of Kesha’s involvement comes only days after fans were told that Britney Spears would also feature on the show.

However, whilst Britters has a bit of How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace TV experience under her belt, Kesha is a TV show newbie.

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Writing on her Twitter, Kesha said: "Stoked!!!!! I’ll be making a guest appearance on @CWJanetheVirgin on @CW!"

Kesha will be playing the role of Annabelle a "colourful musician" who becomes Jane’s new neighbour and who is not known to be a "baby person".

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Britney, however, will not be playing a character and will instead play an "exaggerated version of herself" in episode five of season two.

Of course, along with the Britney addition comes the question of a musical episode.

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman refused to give much away on etonline.

She said: "It’s not a full musical but it has...aghhh! How much can I give away without spoiling it?

"It’s going to be fun! There is music in the episode, yes."

Bring on season two!