Kesha has ''let colour back into'' her life again.

The 27-year-old singer - who is currently sporting blue hair - wants to dye her luscious locks different colours to represent her new positive outlook.

Speaking on 'Good Morning America' yesterday (24.07.14), she said: ''I'm having my hair be a rainbow, right now. I'm going through all the colours of the rainbow because I feel like I'm a rainbow.

''This is my new thing, I'm a rainbow. Before I used to dress a lot in black and now I've let colour into my life. It's very metaphorical.''

The 'Timber' hitmaker spent two months in rehab being treated for an eating disorder in January, and she admits since completing her stint she's made vast improvements, both mentally and physically.

She explained: ''I'm doing really well ... I've been overwhelmed. The amount of love and support I've received is insane. It was really touching.''

The stunning star insists her biggest accomplishment so far was learning to deal with the negative comments, which had once knocked her body confidence.

Asked what the most difficult part of her journey was, she said: ''Just really learning to block out negativity and not letting hateful messages get to me, because I've received some pretty hateful things.''