Kesha wears her own placenta to improve her "psychic abilities".

The 'Blow' singer was given The Organ - which connects a baby to their mother while they are in the womb - in a necklace form and believes it improves her extrasensory perception.

She told "My favourite keepsake is my placenta. My mom found in my basement, crushed it up, and made into a necklace that I wear every day to improve my psychic abilities."

The 24-year-old star, who is currently preparing for her 'Get $leazy Tour' of North America, says while some people find her act - which features risque songs about drinking, partying and sex - controversial, she will not apologise for her behaviour and her personal mantra is "be yourself, unapologetically, f***ing always".

The pop star added there is already plenty of sex in the mainstream, adding: "'Golden Girls' is my favourite TV show. It's like 'Sex And The City' but in the golden years, and I love that all those old ladies talk about sex as much as I do."