Kesha smells like "shrimp in a diaper".

The 'Tik Tok' singer is set to appear on US TV show 'Saturday Night Live' tomorrow (17.04.10) and admits she has been thinking up ideas for sketches, including one based around a recent insult she received.

She explained: "I have some ideas. I don't know ... it hasn't been confirmed or denied yet if I'll appear in a sketch, so I can't say for sure. But I would love to do something funny," she revealed to MTV News on Thursday (April 15) during show rehearsals.

"But one idea was someone recently told me I smell like shrimp in a diaper, so I thought I could do a perfume skit about me with my eau de perfume being a shrimp in a diaper. It's very sensual."

Ryan Phillippe is guest-hosting the show and Kesha is hoping they will be scripted to appear together.

She added to MTV News: "We bonded. You can say that. I mean, that would be ideal to star in a sketch together. I hope that happens."