Kesha raids the Garbage for clothes.

The 'Tik Tok' singer admits she has an unusual way of sourcing her vintage outfits, and regularly sifts through trash to find a good item of clothing.

She said: "I like digging through thrift stores and sometimes the garbage - yes it's true! - sometimes the garbage. It's not like I'm going to go into the garbage with crusty food on it; all garbage is not equal. But if I see a pile of pretty sweet-looking shirts laying on the ground, yeah, I'll dig through it."

As well as going to any length to get a good outfit, the eccentric hitmaker also admits she wears a "shield" of glitter when she goes on stage, but has accepted it is hard to get off afterwards.

She revealed to MTV: "Right before I go onstage, I lather my body in baby oil and cover my entire body with a shield of glitter. Because it just pops! It just looks great! It's really hard to get the glitter off. I've just given up. I've accepted that it will just be there. It's in all my suitcases, it's usually in my food, in my drinks."