Ke$ha at the MTV VMA Awards 2010

2010: Ke$ha at the MTV VMA Awards

Look at the picture above. It's Ke$ha arriving for the MTV Video and Music Awards back in 2010. She doesn't look great does she? Perhaps more suited to a night out on a street corner than one spent at a glitzy music event. Of course, Ke$ha's arrival into the music scene always saw her marketed as a trashy, uncompromising entity, foul-mouthed and shameless; whilst that was great for a novelty it sure led to a general mauling by the fashion critics every time she stepped out in public. However...

Ke$ha at the AMA Awards

2012: Ke$ha transformed at the American Music Awards last weekend 

Look at the picture above. It's Ke$ha posing for pictures at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles yesterday (November 18). Doesn't she look good!? Now, we're not suggesting that you should all start talking about her in the same breath as the like of Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr, but we can't help salute the sassy pop singer's refined look that she displayed at the weekend, looking like your typical girl-next-door in this flower patterned cream dress, though given some glamour with her Hollywood-esque platinum dyed hair.

Ke$ha Rolling Stone After Party 2010

Ke$ha's look at this year's AMA's was a lot different to two years ago

As you can see above, it was a wholly different Ke$ha from the one who turned up to the AMA Rolling Stone after party two years ago, looking like she was wearing a really half-hearted cut price Lady Gaga costume. Yet two years on, with her second album Warrior due for release on November 30, she's clearly worked hard to improve her image, and though she's certainly not always getting it right, we're neverless doffing our cap to the outspoken 25 year-old for her commitment to change. 

Ke$ha London 2012

Ke$ha in London last month, serving notice of her improved sense of fashion ahead of last weekend's stunning AMA outfit

Check out the video for Warrior's lead-off single 'Die Young'.