In the popular 1984 film, the Hollywood actor starred as an exuberant teenager who moves to a small town and rallies against a local law which bans dancing and rock music.

Activists in Canada claim new rules introduced to the small town of Taber in Alberta are a real life reflection of the film's story as the law prohibits spitting, cursing, shouting and gathering in groups larger than three, and they are asking Bacon to step in.

They have posted an open letter to the actor on, titled Save Us Bacon, in which they appeal to the star to champion the cause and help them organise a "dance party/protest" to express their outrage.

The note reads, "That small town from Footloose needed a hero. They needed Kevin Bacon, in a tank top. Mr. Bacon, the people of Taber, Alberta need a hero more than ever... Help us host a raucous dance party/protest against an embarrassing, archaic, vaguely worded law passed by an out of touch town-council - held of course, just outside of Taber. Help us bring a big city kid to a small town who knows he has to win."