Kevin Bacon's wife taught him how to be a lead actor on 'The Following'.

The 55-year-old actor has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick for 25 years and he sought her advice because she has more TV experience than he does.

He said: ''She taught me what it was like to be the lead on a show and I even got to direct her a few times.''

Kevin, 55, added he is excited to have a part in a TV thriller, because small screen shows are so good at the moment.

He added: ''It's sort of a golden age for television I watch so much TV now.''

However, Kevin did have to get fit for some of the scenes in the second series of 'The Following'.

He said: ''I didn't transform myself, but I started running a lot more. There are foot chases and I like to go all out if I can.''

The star also admitted he is inundated with gifts baring the taste of his namesake, adding to People magazine: ''Yes, that happens. The other day someone dropped off bacon macaroons in my trailer.''