The Footloose star, who also fronts the band The Bacon Brothers, admits he has been writing music for films for years but he has managed to land a few compositions in terrible titles.

He tells WENN, "The first one was called Rhode Island Demon Murders. It was a horrible television movie; probably one of the worst television movies ever made! It was a movie of the week."

Bacon also wrote a song called Beneath Perfection for his 1990 film Tremors, adding, "The original title for Tremors was Beneath Perfection and it didn't get in. They (producers and directors) haven't wanted any of them! This is a long list.

"I wrote one song, called When You Decide You've Stay Too Long, for Red Betsy in 2003, and that got into the film but that was over the titles."

Bacon also found himself on the soundtrack to his 1997 film Telling Lies in America, alongside his rock 'n' roll heroes Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis with a song he wrote, called Medium Rare.

His sibling and Bacon Brothers bandmate recalls, "The second he said he was gonna write a song everybody panicked because they knew that they would hate the song. Everybody was like, 'He can't write a song!' And he wrote this really amazing song called Medium Rare because they told him that was the title. That was the worst title ever for a song!"

Kevin adds, "The movie did die by the way!"