Taking one of the most exciting days in the football calendar and translating it to a movie screen will either be the dumbest or most ingenious idea Ivan Reitman’s ever had, which is precisely the kind judgement passed by Kevin Costner's Sonny Weaver in Draft Day.

Kevin CostnerKevin Costner in Draft Day as Sonny Weaver

Sonny is the Cleveland Brown’s general manager, and is charged with making the perfect draft. With pressure from Harvey Molina, the no-nonsense owner played by Frank Langella, and a hoard of dedicated fans, Weaver certainly has his work cut out. But he’s not about to go down without a fight.

"It's a movie that takes place in one day," Rajiv Joseph - a huge fan of the Browns - said in an interview with Cleveland's Plain Dealer. "It's about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. His professional and personal lives collide on the day of the NFL draft. He has these draft picks and he's trying to save his team, which is going down the drain. Not a big stretch for many Browns fans."

Billed as a sports ‘dramedy’, Draft Day is a story that highlights the intense pressure put on managers and players in the NFL, and attempts – at least cinematically – to portray some of the tension and palaver that takes place behind the scenes on draft day itself.

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On the day of the NFL Draft, Sonny has the opportunity to ‘save football in Cleveland’ when he trades for the number one pick. With so much at stake, decide what he's willing to sacrifice in as the lines between his personal and professional life become increasingly blurry.

Trivia fans will be interested to know that when the idea for the movie was first made public, the movie was to be centered around the Buffalo Bills instead of the Cleveland Browns but the studio changed it to the Browns because of cheaper production costs in Ohio.