When they made the first Ride Along two years ago, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube found an unusual bond as collaborators. "Literally there wasn't a day that we stepped on set with any bad energy," Hart says. "It was a positive vibe: I'm making his day better, he's making my day better. You're really looking at a partnership, two guys who leave all egos at the door and say, 'I got you.' It's a give and take relationship and I think it shows in the movie."

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube team up once again in Ride Along 2Kevin Hart and Ice Cube team up once again in Ride Along 2

So after the first film became a hit, they had the chance to get together again. "Me and Cube picked up where we left off," Hart says of making Ride Along 2. "With the first film, we made what we set out to do, which was a quality buddy action cop comedy with a hint of romance. So we thought since we had such a great template why not build on it? Why not come back and gain more success off of what we did the first time? And also there's such a good group of people involved - from the studio to the director, producers and actors."

To make the new film bigger and better, they decided to send the characters to Miami. "It's sexier," Hart laughs. "And there's more action. There's also a scene where I've got my shirt off for like three seconds."

Known for his obsession with health and fitness, Hart also insisted on doing most of his own stunts. "Everything the stuntman did, I wanted to do too," he says. "Well, there were two that he just did! But I wanted to do them because I wanted my reaction to be real when I came up out of it. Most of the time, I'm strapped up in the harnesses, and the screams are all me!"

Hart is happy to have his film labelled as a popcorn movie, because that means it's a crowd-pleaser. And he also says he needs to work out ways of bringing action to his other movies. He has just completed his next stand-up film, Kevin Hart: What Now, shot in his hometown Philadelphia in front of 53,000 fans in a football stadium. "It's so big that I felt I needed to add something to it," he laughs. "I decided to do an action comedy standup concert film! So before the concert there's an action sequence that happens. I recreated Casino Royale and Equalizer, and that's how I get to the show."

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