Kevin Hart has vowed to make his late father "proud."

The 43-year-old comedian lost his father Henry Witherspoon - who died at the age of 73 following a number of reported health issues on Wednesday (12.10.222) and took to his social media where he thanked him for everything

Alongside a series of family photos, Kevin wrote: "RIP to one of the realest and rawest to ever do it…Love you dad. Gone but never forgotten….Give mom a hug for me. Y’all did good man. Thank you for everything."

The 'Night School' star lost his mother Nancy in 2007 - who passed away at the age of 57 following a long battle with ovarian cancer - and Kevin previously explained that following her death, he and his father and brother Robert, 51, felt the need to make sure their surname "meant something" in the aftermath of the tragedy.

He said: "Mom passed away. It was real tough. The family that I had, we were kind of close but it was all because of my mom. She would always say 'Hey, let's get together for Christmas dinners, family dinners'. She was the liason for that so when I lost these pieces of tissue, that main piece went to my dad and my brother. This is our little family. That last name Hart, right here. If we don't try to make this last name mean something, then we have nothing that is going to live on. My last name means something now but it's because we made it mean something."