About Last Night has received a number of positive reviews followings its US release yesterday (14th February). The film's release has been deliberately timed to coincide with the Valentine's Day weekend and, from what the critics say, may be one of the better romantic dramas to see with your loved one.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart at the L.A. premiere of About Last Night.

The film is a remake of the 1986 film of the same name and is an adaptation of the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet. Kevin Hart (Little Fockers), Michael Ealy (The Good Wife), Regina Hall (The Best Man) and Joy Bryant (Parenthood) star. 

About Last Night follows two couples and their relationships. The film primarily follows Bernie (Hart) who meets Debbie (Bryant) in a bar and, after a subsequent one night stand, embark on a relationship. The film concerns the events within the first year of their relationship and their friendships with another couple Joan (Hall) and Danny (Ealy). 

Regina Hall
Regina Hall at The Pan African Film & Arts Festival premiere of About Last Night.

A number of critics have commented on the differences between Mamet's play and the 1986 adaptation but seem to find this version more entertaining and like the original play. Geoff Pevere of The Globe and Mail writes "The 2014 model of About Last Night:it beefs up the girl-side element of the story, incorporates considerably more frank sex talk, and generally provides its cast with a lot more meat to chew on and spit back out."

Others have commented on the acting, specifically Kevin Hart's role. Slant magazine's critic believes Hart's performance "turns an essentially crude wingman into the conscience of the film's torturous, nettled discourse on romance." Whilst Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) agrees claiming that, over the other Valentine's Day films, "About Last Night has the edge. That edge is mostly Kevin Hart."

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Critics who have negatively reviewed the drama have attempted to search for a deeper meaning or a sense of innovation, Gary Goldstein of the L.A. Times believes About Last Night "has little new to offer about romantic entanglements that audiences haven't seen countless times in movies and, especially, on TV sitcoms since 1986, not to mention before that."

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About Last Night is out in US and Canadian theatres now, audiences in the UK and Ireland can expect to see the film in cinemas on 21st March.

Michael Ealy
Michael Ealy at the premiere of About Last Night.