Veteran actor Kevin Kline has vowed never to return to Las Vegas after spending two unhappy weeks there while filming his latest movie.

The actor spent a fortnight in Sin City last year (12) filming scenes for Last Vegas with Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman.

Kline had never been to the gambling Mecca before, and he tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper the trip marked his first "and my last" outing to Vegas, adding, "Everyone looked so miserable. I would see these couples pushing babies in strollers through the casinos like zombies. It was horrible... And I just couldn't bear the constant noise. I would step outside the hotel to get some fresh air and it would be 'boom, boom, boom'... disco music blaring on the kerb, by the pool, everywhere. That is not my idea of tranquillity."

Kline's co-stars De Niro, Douglas and Freeman were all handed keys to the city of Las Vegas in October (13).