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18th September 2011

Quote: "It was really tough. I remember I pulled a muscle I didn't even know that I had in my groin on my right leg and could hardly walk for about two weeks." Scottish star Kevin McKidd spent two weeks taking tango lessons before shooting his martial arts movie Bunraku.

11th November 2010

Fact: Scottish actor Kevin McKidd is to jump behind the camera to direct an upcoming episode of his hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY. MCKidd plays Dr. Owen Hunt in the series.

9th February 2010

Quote: "I was at a party where Steven Spielberg was stood behind me, and his films are what made me want to be an actor, so it was pretty mind-blowing being in the same air space as him." GREY'S ANATOMY star Kevin McKidd was starstruck when he met director STEVEN SPIELBERG for the first time.

6th February 2010

Quote: "My wife has banned Valentine's Day. She wants me to be romantic every day of the year but she doesn't want to be sitting in a restaurant with all these other couples on Valentine's Day." GREY'S ANATOMY star Kevin McKidd doesn't celebrate St. Valentine's Day (14Feb) with his wife of 11 years, Jane Parker.

11th November 2009

Quote: "I think that's one of the reasons I got the part, actually - they needed to record in L.A., I've got a work permit there, I'm Scottish and Gerard Butler wasn't available." GREY'S ANATOMY star Kevin McKidd enjoyed speaking in his native accent on video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

6th January 2009

Quote: "The biggest celebrity you could become in Scotland is a dentist... People just thought I was nuts." TRAINSPOTTING star Kevin McKidd's family didn't like the idea of him becoming an actor.

30th November 2008

Quote: "If I get invited to the Emmys I'll wear one." New GREY'S ANATOMY castmate Kevin McKidd, a Scot, threatens to wear one of his two kilts.

25th November 2008

Quote: "We did a lot of crazy stuff like getting naked, covering ourselves with paint and doing expressive dance." New GREY'S ANATOMY star Kevin McKidd on his time with experimental British theatre company Bedlam.

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