Kevin Smith has revealed that the sequel to comedy movie Mallrats will be titled Mallbrats. The director has taken to Facebook with an image of the screenplay's cover page and a message to fans.

Kevin SmithKevin Smith will begin shooting his Mallrats sequel Mallbrats

"It's mall or nothing!" Smith wrote. "20 years in the making. 113 pages fulla old friends, new jokes and a bloody battle with Stan Lee! This is for you, Jim. Wish you were here."

That Jim is Jim Jacks, producer on the original Mallrats (as well as Raising Arizona and Dazed and Confused) and long-time champion of making a sequel. He passed away in early 2014.

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Though we've got no plot details on the sequel, the title suggests we're likely to see a younger generation of characters - with some returning favourites. Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Ethan Suplee, Shannen Doherty, Michael Rooker, Renee Humphrey, Joey Lauren Adams, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Scott Mosier, Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Brian O'Halloran, Claire Forlani and Stan Lee are all confirmed to return, while Smith himself will reprise his role as Silent Bob, opposite Jason Mewes' Jay.

Before going into production with Mallbrats, Smith will do the necessary promotion for comedy Yoga Hosers with Johnny Depp, Stan Lee and Haley Joel Osment. It tells the story of two teenage yoga enthusiasts who team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.

The comedy-horror is set for release on June 1, 2015. 

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