Kevin Smith has revealed that his new AMC show 'Comic Book Men' is a celebration of being nerdy. Talking to Fox News, he stated that the show was designed to put a focus on comic book store culture.
Smith, who is famed for his films 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' is now turning to TV with the new reality series that will premiere in the US on Sunday night (12th Feb 2012) after 'The Walking Dead'. The show is set at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, the comics shop Smith owns in Red Bank, New Jersey. Talking to Fox News, Smith stated: 'We're pathetic! Look, one of the great things about the dudes in our world is that we are very self-aware. We're in on the joke. As a kid you're encouraged to be yourself, when what most of us really wanted to be was someone else - someone else much, much cooler! But that's all changed. Back in the day, we'd bristle at being called nerd or geek. Now we wear it like a badge of honour.' Talking about their timeslot, he said: 'AMC has nuzzled us safe as kittens in the slot right after "The Walking Dead" and right before their talk show "Talking Dead." That's our audience! So you will definitely see us promoting the Walking Dead comics in our store and on our show. We know how to kiss ass.'
The show starts in the US tomorrow night, whilst Kevin Smith is also producing the TV movie 'Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell' which will air later this year.