Star Wars Episode VII has done a pretty good job of churning out fairly newsworthy stuff since it was announced following Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and everything related to a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars

Yes, ‘this person is starring as this thing,’ or ‘this old guy broke his leg doing this, or even ‘this man is in charge of another thing do to with this thing’ – they all happened and they were just about newsworthy. But with nothing that important taking place, it looks like we’ll have to talk about Kevin Smith, who took a photo of his own face while being around all the Star Wars things going on.

So here goes: Kevin Smith has a cult status because of Clerks and Silent Bob. He then turned out to be a really talented writer and director for various things – now he’s a kind of pop-culture icon, especially for comic book geeks and sci-fi fanatics, the two of which slotting nicely together.

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Smith visited the Star Wars: Episode VII set this week to check out what was going on. Of course, he couldn’t leave Pinewood without documenting his experience, and – probably due to the fact that he’s sworn to secrecy about what he saw that day – decided to take a snap of his mug. 

That’s honestly it. That’s all that happened. He is sort of crying in the picture. But that’s honestly it. In other Ep VII news: Harrison Ford did indeed break his leg. In other Ep VII rumors: Billie Lourd – daughter of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) - is said to have a role as a young version of her mother's famous character.