Filmmaker Kevin Smith is planning to revive Clerks - on Broadway.
The director wants to make a third installment to follow up his cult movies Clerk and Clerks II, but only if he can launch it on the New York stage.
Smith hopes to open the play at the end of 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of his directorial debut Clerks, about two convenience store workers.
Chatting about his plans at a book signing on Tuesday (27Mar12), he explained, "I do want to do it as a play... That would make me excited - to do a f**kin' live show."
But Smith will only go ahead with his plans if Clerks star Jeff Anderson will commit to performing in a live show.
He adds, "The one person who will be the hurdle on this... the person I'm going to have to convince, that's Jeff Anderson... If I can't convince him, there's no point in doing it; he is the key to Clerks for me. If he says yeah, then that's what we'll do - we'll do it as a Broadway play, which I think will be so fun for all of us."