House of Cards lost at last year’s Emmys (apart from Robin Wright’s well-deserved award), but it’s receiving all kinds of accolades ahead of the Season 2 Netflix premiere. On Thursday Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and the rest of the cast took to the red carpet at a special screening, held by the Director’s Guild of America. Love was in the air – love for the show that is. Looking equally as stunning on the red carpet, co-stars Robin Wright Penn and Kate Mara both made fashionable entrances – Wright in a simple, but elegant black dress and Mara in an uber trendy green mini. Kevin Spacey, looking dapper as ever, was also in attendance.

Robin Wright, House of Cards Premiere
Robin Wright, attending the premiere in classic style.

While the cast, the production team and a handful of lucky guests got to preview the second season, other fans of the series were getting increasingly restless. As it turns out, one of those fans was President Obama himself. The Commander-in-chief took to Twitter on Thursday, to send the following message: “Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please.”

Kate Mara, who plays a reporter Zoe Barnes and one-time lover of Spacey's character in the programme, said: "At first I thought ‘Oh, this must be a fake President Obama Twitter account.’ So I checked it to make sure it had a little check mark. Yeah, that's one of the coolest things that's happened to me."

Kate Mara, House of Cards Season 2 Premiere
Kate Mara went for a bolder look.

Not that it needs repeating, but the thirteen episodes of season 2 went live at 3.01am ET. So anyone who’s managed to squeeze in an episode or two before work/school/life, listen to Obama and keep the internet spoiler-free, alright?

Kevin Spacey, House of Cards Season 2 Premiere
Star Kevin Spacey also dressed up for the occasion.