Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns in three tension-filled promos for Season 2 of the hit Netflix series House of Cards. The clips see the scheming congressman deliver some of his best lines in classic style (which is to say, with a lot of style): "For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy” is just one of his memorable nuggets of wisdom.

Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Welcome back, Congressman Underwood. We've missed you.

Fortunately for fans, House of Cards isn’t pulling a Game of Thrones and releasing the promos months in advance. The show’s second season will debut on Netflix this Friday (Valentine’s Day, how appropriate) and will be available for instant downloading and binge viewing in its entirety.

T minus one day until Season 2. Watch the trailer below.

Some major plot points to look out for, according to USA Today, are Frank’s continuing climb to the top of the Washington ladder, as well as more surprises from his wife Clair, who will be in the spotlight more than ever this season. In an interview for USA Today, Spacey went a little bit into what fans can expect from this season. The actor says to look for "lots of intrigue and surprises and unexpected turns. We hope even some humor." "We went into it to see just how dark it can get," he says. Well, that’s the Valentine’s festivities taken care of.

Robin Wright, Golden Globes
Also look out for more of Robin Wright's Claire this season. The Golden Globe was well deserved.