Already described as the 'most remarkable new television drama of the year', Netflixs' ambitious project House of Cards is already making waves after airing it's premiere episode earlier this week through it's online service.

The new show, based on the 1990s BBC classic of the same name, see's star Kevin Spacey take on the role of political whip, Frank Underwood - and Spacey isn't the only household name to be attached to this huge new project. Oscar-winning film director David Fincher (who also serves as executive producer) gives the show his own unique take, whilst writer Beau Willimon (The Ides of March) has transplanted this classically British political drama into something that seems as though it was made specifically for Capitol Hill.

Kevin Spacey at the New York premier of his new showCo-star Robin Wright at the New York premier

Kevin Spacey [L] Stars Alongside Robin Wright [R] In Netflix's New Ambitious Project

What makes it so ambitious though? Well the fact that you can watch the whole series in one go straight away if you have £5.99 and 13 hours to spare is one thing, also the fact that it was commissioned entirely by online movie provider Netflix is another. This is a show that you wont see any time soon on any TV channel, as it is only being shown through Netflix.

The full cast and crew made it to the New York Premiere on Wednesday 30 January, but the rest of the series will be much more convenient to see for the stars. House of Cards is available through Netflix now.

Writer Beau Willimon attends the opening screeningKate Mara, House Of Cards Premiere

Writer Beau Willimon [L] and Actress Kate Mara [R] At The House Of Cards Premiere