Get ready to start binge-watching some high-quality drama once again, as Netflix's original series House of Cards is returning to the online streaming site for its second season. The Kevin Spacey vehicle will be back on 14 February, 2014, with Netflix making the entire, 13-episode season available to stream from then.

The series was a hit last time around

Academy Award-winner Spacey will be back as the despicable US Senator Francis Underwood, who will continue to slither his way through the dark side of Washington D.C. to rise to the top of the political ladder, negotiating past all the greed, sex, love and corruption that lies in his way. Fellow Emmy-nominee Robin Wright will also be back for the second season, returning as Spacey's equally devious wife Claire Underwood, with director David Fincher and screenwriters Beau Willimon and Eric Roth all returning behind the scenes.

The second series will continue to follow the Underwood's uncompromising rise to power, whilst Kate Mara's plucky reporter character Zoe Barnes continues her search to get to the bottom of Francis' crimes. Meanwhile, billionaire presidential-confidante Raymond Tusk (Gerald McRaney) continues to put pressure on Underwood to pay back some of his political favours, whilst Claire tries to cope with the invasive glare of political spotlight, which is now so regularly on the political power couple.

Kevin SpaceyRobin Wright
Spacey and Wright were both nominated for Emmy Awards for their roles

The first season of House of Cards made history when it became the first streaming-only series to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, going on to win three at the awards ceremony earlier this year, for Cinematography, Casting and Direction. Spacey and Wright were also both nominated and the series earned another four nominations. With the same team on board for a second outing, further success for the series could well be on the cards.

Kate Mara
Can Kate Mara's character get to the bottom of Underwood's deeds?