'House of Cards' season two has dodged the censors in China and is available to stream on the country's Sohu.com streaming service. A communist nation that does not offer the vote to is people, China appears to have taken to Frank Underwood's ruthless brand of politics and the second season's edgy Chinese storyline. 

Kevin Spacey'House of Cards' Season 2 Has Avoided Censorship in China

Even the Communist Party's top anti-corruption official Wang Qishan is apparently a fan of the Netflix show.

"When we chose to purchase the copyright of the show, regardless of the first season, we didn't know or expect that the second season had so much to do with China. I'm sure it's probably because of emerging power and the increase in importance of China in the global affairs, so that Americans have higher interest than previously," Sohu chief executive Charles Zhang told a news conference in Beijing, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

By including a major storyline about China, House of Cards has effectively guaranteed itself a massive new audience though it's still surprising that a plotline about corrupt Chinese businessman and cyber espionage managed to get past censors. 

Kevin Spacey Robin WrightKevin Spacey [L] and Robin Wright [R] in Netflix's 'House of Cards Season 2'

The first-season was also available in China though was far more low-key then the second, which has received improved subtitles and more marketing. 

Still, some remain unconvinced that censors will stick by their guns on 'House of Cards' season two.

"There are too many Chinese elements in the second season. It has a lot related to corruption behind the scenes. Watch it now before it gets banned," wrote one commentator on the Sina Weibo microblog service.

"Any TV show that reflects poorly on the situation in China will be blocked."