You may have assumed President Barack Obama had other things to worry about this weekend, but, no, he's just like us. He'll be slipping into some comfortable trousers and watching House of Cards season 2 in its entirety. Hell, he might even catch up on the last episode of True Detective, which he missed.

Kevin SpaceyKevin Spacey [L] and Robyn Wright [R] in 'House of Cards' Season 2

Yes, Netflix's political drama is back on the box and viewers everywhere are settling down for marathon sessions. It's reasonably doable to chow down on all 13 episode in one go and it seems Mr Obama is ready to do just that. 

Of course the problem with offering every episode of a drama at the same time is spoilers. Imagine trying to get through the final season of Breaking Bad if everyone on the planet had already seen it. It's a palpable concern for the President of the United States and the world's most powerful man. Last night, he tweeted, "Tomorrow: @HouseOfCards. No spoilers, please."

House of Cards - the first online-only show to win an Emmy Award - follows the rise and rise of ruthless senator Frank Underwood, played by the unrivalled Kevin Spacey. After the events in the final episodes of season one, Frank is continuing to masterfully manoeuvre his way into the vice presidency, though his ascendancy faces threats from all corners. Reporter Zoe Barnes (Kata Mara) is getting closer to the truth about Underwood's involvement in Peter Russo's demise, while Frank's wife Claire (Robin Wright) must deal with an unprecedented level of attention.

House of Cards season 2 is available now. Go get it.