It’s not long before you’ll be able to fill your face with House of Cards season 2 on Netflix, as the political thriller’s sophomore attack lands on Valentines Day. To further whet the appetite, three new promos have been released with the running motif: ‘welcome back’. Watch them below.

Kevin Spacey and Gerald McRaneyGerald McRaney and Kevin Spacey are Ronald Tusk and Frank Underwood in House of Cards

House of Cards was not only an artistic triumph, bagging writing, directing and acting nominations across a host of different award bodies, but it also represented a new way of consuming television. It gave choice to the consumer by being on demand, all at once. And this Friday (Feb 14) it happens all over again with season 2.

We’ll pick up with Frank, who is being sworn in as Vice President following his sabotage of Russo’s campaign, therefore tempting the contemporaneous VP to take control of his for constituency. “Democracy is so overrated,” boasts Frank as he reminds us of the fact he’s Vice President without a single vote cast in his name.

“House of Cards is an extreme view of politics and power” said the show’s creator and writer, Beau Willimon. “All politicians are murderers or have to be willing to be murderers. Here you have a dramatisation of that thing in them which allows them to do the unspeakable, whether that is facilitating the death of a congressman or sending 100,000 troops to war.”

Robin WrightClaire has plenty to contemplate as she falls further into the media's eye

Robin Wright established herself as one of the key cogs in Underwood’s machine as his wife, Claire. She won a Golden Globe for the role, which saw her come to loggerheads with her powerful husband as the twin concerns of her charitable organisation and her other-half’s success became conflicted. For a while there, it seemed as though the pair would separate, but in a deep indication as to their past misdemeanours, the end of season one saw them reconcile.

“I don’t see Claire as cruel. I see her as calculating. She’s a businesswoman. If you’re the head of a business, there’s a protocol that people have to follow. If you get in her way, or you mess up, or you’re late for work, you’re out. Sorry. That’s just the way that CEOs run their companies. That’s why they’re successful,” explained Wright in an interview with The Telegraph.