Remember that moment? The first time Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood  broke the fourth wall and spoke to the camera in House of Cards season one? Sort of weird huh? It was one of those, 'woah, I'm not sure if I like that' moments, though it's since become a staple of Netflix's accomplished political drama - which returns for a second season on Valentines' Day (February 14).

Kevin Spacey Kate MaraKevin Spacey [L] and Kate Mara [R] in 'House of Cards'

But have you ever wondered who Spacey is talking to, exactly, when he stares down the lens? In a round table with reporters on Tuesday, the Oscar-winning actor revealed that he imagines speaking to his best friend.

"Instead of thinking that I'm talking to lots and lots of people, I'm talking to my best friend," he explained. "The person I trust more than anyone."

Interestingly, Spacey explained that the technique often prompts him to remove lines from Beau Willimon's script.

"In many cases when we've done the direct address stuff, sometimes there will be a line of dialogue and I'll say to Beau, 'I don't think I need to say anything,'" he said. "It just is a look. Because we know what that's like."

Though House of Cards season two premieres next week, Netflix has already commissioned the series for a third season. 

The show focuses on Senator Frank Underwood's ruthless rise to power in the White House, aided by his scheming wife, played by Robin Wright. 

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