When 01.06.2013

Author Khaled Hosseini, who rose to prominence as a writer following the publication of his debut novel 'The Kite Runner' in 2003, talks about his new book 'And The Mountains Echoed' in an interview in Afghanistan. He discusses jazz references, his feelings coming back to Afghanistan and his worries about writing.

On the jazz music themes in the book, he says: 'It reminds me of my childhood. that kind of music to me was extremely foreign and mysterious and sounded so sophisticated and so I kind of wanted to parlay some of that.' He says that, after living in the US for so many years, returning to Afghanistan left him feeling a little guilty. 'If the genetic lottery that decided my life had decided that I would instead be born into another family that didn't have the means to flee Afghanistan, maybe I would've been raised in a refugee camp but I wouldn't be where I am now', he explains. He also mentions that he feels pressure to keep coming up with ideas. 'A day may come where I will sit and. I won't have anything meaningful to say', he says.


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