Come on ladies, admit it, we’ve all had a bit of a girl crush at some point. There’s nothing sexual in it, it’s more that we want to devour the subject of the crush whole and somehow morph into them and take over their lives. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, it’s more of an admiration/jealousy thing and with so many gorgeous celebrity women out there it’s hard not to develop a little crush every now and then.

jennifer aniston cheryl cole                                                Jennifer Aniston is the object of Cheryl Cole's desire

Even celebrities develop girl crushes on each other (that must be a little awkward if you then bump into said crush at an awards show or charity event...cringe). Recently Cheryl Cole tweeted the hashtag #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) along with an photograph of Jennifer Aniston and the word ‘oh Jennifer’.

Cheryl may not have received a #WCW tweet from Jen in return, but she shouldn’t feel too unloved. Khloe Kardashian included the hashtag in a tweet about Cheryl, tweeting “My #WCW is miss @ladyccole. Sometimes you meet people and you click instantly. Her beauty is more than skin dep...I love this lady’s spirit”. Perhaps newly single Khloe has been turned off men by her recent split from husband Lamar Odom, or perhaps she’s on the hunt for some fellow single friends?

Khloe and Cheryl aren’t the only celebs that have admitted publicly to their girl crushes. Selena Gomez once posted a photograph of Zoe Deschanel to her Instagram, describing her as her “current girl crush”. Who doesn’t have a bit of a crush on quirky Zoe?

Jamie Bell’s wife Evan Rachel Wood tweeted: “Had a dream I made out with Kristen Stewart. Good Morning”. Most girl crushes are non sexual, but Evan has admitted in the past that she is bisexual, so perhaps Jamie should keep a close eye on how this one develops!

evan rachel wood girl crush
 Evan Rachel Wood has admitted she had a racy dream about Kristen Stewart

Nicole Scherzinger has admitted that she thinks Halle Berry is “naturally gorgeous”. Nicole and Halle have very similar colouring as well as both having super fantastic model-type figures. Perhaps this one is a little more narcissistic that Nicole realises?

Kim Kardashian has admitted that Megan Fox is her girl crush, but sadly for Kim the crush is unrequited. Megan herself has claimed that she thinks “Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands”. We previously stated that girl crushes aren’t scary and obsessive, so perhaps we should strike this one from the record...

Why do you think women develop girl crushes? Have you used the Woman Crush Wednesday tweet? Who was the object of your desire?