Khloé Kardashian struggled to feel "comfortable" in a swimsuit.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star admits there was a time where she would try to avoid swimwear as she didn't like the look of herself in any of it, but with the launch of her new swimwear collection for Good American, she wanted to help herself and other women feel their "absolute best".

Speaking about the new collection, she said: "In the past, I was a one-piece girl. There weren't a lot of other options like two-pieces on the market that I felt comfortable yet stylish wearing. With Good American Swim, we wanted to alleviate those pain points that so many women face when finding the perfect suit, and offer quality swimwear for all women to look and feel their absolute best."

And the 36-year-old star felt it was important that her swimwear "moved with the curves" of bodies.

She added: "After receiving such amazing feedback from customers for our Always Fits denim, it was clear there was a need to expand this approach to sizing and stretchability with Swim. Women's bodies change so much throughout our adult lives. We wanted to offer Swim that would evolve with those changes and size fluctuations, and move with the curves of our bodies, guaranteeing the perfect fit."

Khloé is "obsessed" with the material her swimwear collection is made from.

Speaking to People magazine about the collection, she shared: "We designed Always Fits Swim with a knitted stretch fabric which has a really nice, textured feel. It stretches with your body to provide a smooth and super flattering fit. I'm obsessed with it."