Khloe Kardashian has taken a more compromising stance than her sister Kim did in a similar situation, after it was revealed that her husband and basketball player Lamar Odom has been traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to southern US team the Dallas Mavericks meaning that, of course, Kardashian would be forced to move away from the star-studded West Coast city with her husband.
Those following Kim Kardashian's disastrous 72 day marriage to fellow baller Kris Humphries may recall that among the reasons for their swift annulment was allegedly the latter's wish to move back to his native Minneapolis with his then-wife against the idea. Though her sister Khloe hasn't sounded too impressed with her uprooting, she's at least acted a little more philosophically about it, taking to Twitter to quote the bible and say "'For I know the plans I have for u,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper u and not to harm u, plans to give u hope and a future.' Jeremiah." She then went on to type other profundities including, "We are all sad but positive energy gets you farther then negative" and "Life is not always fair. 'Sometimes you get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow'" which all in all suggests the socialite is taking the news very maturely indeed.
Kardashian wasn't the only one to be saddened by the transfer of Odom, with his team mate Kobe Bryant also commenting "To be honest with you, I don't like it. It's tough to lose Lamar."