Khloe Kardashian has again suffered recurrences of the long-running taunts that O.J. Simpson is her real father, after the former football star was released from prison yesterday.

On Thursday (July 20th), the 70 year old ex-NFL star was granted parole after serving nine years behind bars for an armed robbery in Las Vegas. While the claims about Khloe’s parentage are false, it didn’t prevent the trolls coming out in force to tease the reality star on Instagram.

“Are you excited to see your dad? I know I would be after 9 years! Congrats!” one Instagram user joked. “Daddy's come home,” wrote another, while yet another piled in with “When is your mother going to tell us that OJ is yo daddy Khloe Simpson.”

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian has been taunted about her parentage once again

Taking the battle to the trolls, she branded them “a**holes” and “haters” in response to their cruel barbs on her comments.

One distressed follower had defended her: “The comments under Khloe’s picture is sick. I’m so hurt she needs to deal with this all. Robert Kardashian is her father. Leave her in peace.” Khloe replied: “People are assholes but I don’t care lol. I focus on the good.”

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The 33 year old model has had to put up with these unfounded rumours for years that Robert Kardashian Sr. is not her biological father, but rather former family friend Simpson. Kardashian Sr. served on the legal team of Simpson’s notorious 1995 murder trial for the killings of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, and two of the lawyer’s ex-wives have in the past suggested that he is not Khloe’s real father.

However, despite one episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ dealing with this issue and finding her to Robert Sr.’s daughter, the myth persists.

Khloe herself has had fun with these rumours, saying in a sarcastic Instagram pic last October: “I don't know... Some days I'm OJ’s daughter. Others I'm Robert's daughter” when someone said she looked ‘white’ in the picture.

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