Rapper Kid Cudi passed out midway through a performance at Chicago's North Coast Music Festival on Saturday night (August 30, 2014). Kudi was performing 'Pursuit of Happiness' when he began interacting with the audience, however, he fainted after signing a fan's album cover.

Kid CudiKid Cudi on-stage at Coachella Festival 2014 [Getty/Kevin Winter]

According to the Daily Beast, security guards managed to catch the rapper before he hit the ground and quickly rushed him off-stage. Cudi said he passed out as a result of not eating properly before the performance, however, he appears to be recovering well.

"I'll do a better and make sure to eat properly on show days :) scouts honor!," he tweeted Saturday night. He added, "If I scared anyone tonight I am so so sorry from the bottom of my heart," he tweeted.

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"Still gettin a lot of love and well wishes.  Man, Its funny cuz i sit home alone a lot and feel like no one really cares. Im an idiot," he added - the start of a series of appreciative tweets.

"I am genuinely loved by so many people I've never personally met, and thats a priceless gift. Ill always be grateful."

"Words cant express the appreciation.  I still get really low. And its hard to get out of it.  I just wanna say Thank U again for caring"

"Thank you for loving me," he signed off.

Kudi Cudi was joined on the bill at the North Coast Festival - in Chicago's Union Park -by Snoop Dogg, Future Islands, Talib Kweli and Action Bronson. 

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