Review of Once Album by Kid Harpoon

Review of Kid Harpoon's album Once released through Young Turks

Kid Harpoon Once Album

Kid Harpoon's debut album Once has been a long time coming - it is well over a year since the release of Riverside (EP). But it seems Kent born Tom Hull has been busy behind the scenes and has expanded his musical offerings.

Once is an album of three parts. It kicks off with previous single Stealing Cars; an upbeat, up-tempo number with a catchy melody and Hull's vocal range as good as ever. Back From Beyond too follows this form with brilliant hook; this could easily be a single. Despite the up-beat, almost euphoric feel to the opening songs of the album, Hull's lyrics are still as dark as ever, 'everybody has their time in the firing line and this time its mine, to take a couple of rounds' he sings. But its Colours that really stands out, stripped back musically, it's the intelligent lyrics and Hull's trademark vocal delivery that really shine through.

Buried Alive then sees the tempo drop, and the middle of the album follows suit with a number of pleasant enough but essentially forgettable tracks that fail to make an impact. Thankfully, Hold On then grabs you once more with a galloping pace and catchy melody. Hull's gritty lyrics and emotional vocal delivery really lifts the album from then on and fans of his last EP will not be disappointed.

Once is an interesting mixed bag. Hull uses tempo changes and vocal intonation to illustrate his intelligent lyrics. There are elements of brilliance on Once, but it is not consistent. Despite that, Hull's vocal range and delivery is faultless throughout and his dark lyrics make for a gripping album.


Robyn Burrows

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