Review of The First E.P EP by Kid Harpoon

Kid Harpoon
The First E.P
EP Review

Kid Harpoon has been garnering praise both underground and mainstream, and is slowly gaining a sizeable fan base thanks to high profile support slots with Larrikin Love and Beirut So naturally, the release of the imaginatively-titled The First E.P. has been met with some considerable anticipation. And quite rightly too, because this is a fine collection of distinctive pop songs that showcase a potentially great new talent.

The most impressive thing about this E.P. is that each track has its own very distinct quality, but it still sounds cohesive. Opener, 'Milkmaid' might put off some with it's zeitgeisty stylings making it resemble very much the Kate Penate Allen's that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the charts, but there are enough interesting moments on here to silence any cynics.

From the skiffle beats of 'Fifty Seven' to the creeping urban blues of 'Aeroplanes & Neon Lights', The First E.P. doesn't let up with its unpredictable tunes. The prospect of a full-length album is a very exciting one indeed.

Kid Harpoon The First E.P EP

Ben Davis

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