Kiefer Sutherland hid behind a street light to avoid a fan who mocked him after he fell off his bike.

The '24' actor - who reprises the role of Jack Bauer in forthcoming '24: Live Another Day' - fell off his bicycle while riding in Los Angeles and was thoroughly embarrassed to find he'd attracted the attention of those around him.

Talking on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', he explained: ''In Silverlake I was riding my bicycle. This is dorky to begin with, but I have a basket in my bike so I can put my groceries, and I had a friend weld a pole on the back so I can get my dry cleaning. There I am riding down Silverlake, believe it or not in Los Angeles every once in a while they have pedestrian traffic and I seemed to find it that day. So I had to slow way down and I hit a pot hole and I went flying over the handle bars, my laundry went that way [pointing right], my groceries went that way [pointing forward]. I was like 'I'm so embarrassed, I'm humiliated, people are trying to help'. I'm like, 'Leave the stuff alone, I'm so sorry, just don't pay attention.' As I'm doing this some guy drives by and goes, 'Jack Bauer can't ride a bike!' ''

Kiefer, 47, didn't anticipate bumping into the stranger as he continued his journey and this time he decided to hide to avoid him, but, to his disappointment he was caught out.

He explained: ''I was humiliated and I managed to get all the stuff back on the bike and I'm riding down and then he's stuck at the red light. I don't want to see him because I'm already embarrassed so I'm kinda hiding behind a street light and he yells out, 'I can still see you.' ''

However, the situation turned out for the best, with Kiefer adding: ''I fell apart laughing and we actually became friends.''