After the cancellation of Keifer Sutherland’s supernatural/police procedural crossover Touch, the actor is now free to take on new projects – or old ones as it seems a revival of 24 is on the horizon. Touch, a series about a police detective, who discovers that his son has supernatural powers, never really took off, beyond being a Sutherland vehicle. After Fox moved it to a low-viewership Friday slot for its miraculously renewed second season, but as expected, the cancellation was announced during this Monday’s Upfront presentation.

But as one door closed, another opens, as the network is reportedly in talks with Sutherland to bring back the show for a limited run. The series finally left the story open-ended, with Sutherland’s character, Jack Bauer, escaping and since then, people have been speculating about a potential movie. When the movie plans were scrapped last year, Sutherland was reportedly “furious” with the decision and that is why he took up the opportunity for a more relaxed show with Touch. He commented last year that one of the reasons for taking Touch was that the character was a complete change of pace from the intense Jack Bauer. Even so, after taking a break from 24, Sutherland has had nothing but good things to say about the process of working on the show and has indicated that he would be more than happy to reprise the role, which put him on the map.

Kiefer Sutherland, The Reluctant Fundametalist Premiere
At 46, Sutherland reckons he can still take on the antics of Bauer with ease.