When 'Designated Survivor' made its debut on ABC, it didn't hold back with hard-hitting storylines, as an undercover organisation did everything in its power to overthrow the United States government and gain power for themselves. Whilst there's still some of that storyline to be told, the second season of the show will be focusing on something else other than conspiracy upon its return.

Kiefer Sutherland is no stranger to the world of TV drama showsKiefer Sutherland is no stranger to the world of TV drama shows

With new showrunner Keith Eisner taking the reins, Kiefer Sutherland will return to the leading role of fictional US President Tom Kirkman, who must deal with the fallout of everything that has happened, with the help of his close-knit team and new friend, Hannah Wells (Maggie Q).

In season 2, we'll see a lot of new faces arrive on the scene to help propel the story forward, including Zoe McLellan as White House counsel Kendra Daynes, Paulo Costanzo as political director Lyor Boone and Ben Lawson as MI6 agent Damian Rennett.

Asked by EW whether we'd see all of the "explosive, conspiracy stuff" dialled down in the second season, Sutherland replied: "Yes, you will. In fact, you’ll see it dealt with quite early on. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that Maggie Q’s character [Hannah Wells] and that whole aspect of the show will diminish because it won’t. Her character will be a liaison to the president’s office. That aspect will still be very much a part of the show. It just will not be in the context of the original conspiracy that launched our show."

The actor also approached the topic of real-life President of the United States, Donald Trump, commenting on how writers on 'Designated Survivor' do their best to stay away from real news, despite all of the headline-grabbing things that tend to come out of President Trump's mouth.

"I think you write as you write and hopefully those circumstances will never come to play [in real life]," he explained. "It's always much more interesting to watch explanations, to get a true understanding of how the government works."

Though Sutherland doesn't give away too much when it comes to the bulk of the storyline we'll see when the show makes its return, we imagine it's going to be a thrilling ride once more.

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'Designated Survivor' season 2 debuts on ABC in the US on Wednesday, September 27, and will be available after US broadcast on Netflix in the UK each Thursday.