The 24 star, who is currently on tour promoting his debut country album Down in a Hole, admits he often scrubs Truth In Your Eyes from his set lists, because it's such a personal song about "a woman that I loved very much, who died way too young".

"I've only introduced it twice," he tells WENN.

However, when he has performed the tune live it has brought a smile to his face, adding, "It makes me think of her with all her life".

But even the little joy he found in the track was tested recently when a fan approached him and informed him the lyrics had really moved her.

"She told me that she had lost her husband and that she'd been dealing with that for 20-some odd years, and somehow that song made her feel better," Kiefer recalls.

"When I introduced the song that night I got three quarters of the way through the introduction and I lost it. The audience was so incredibly gracious because I really did lose it; I was crying. The audience just stood up and clapped and I played the song and you could've heard a pin drop.

"It's those kinds of experiences we've been having out on the road that's just changed my life."