Kieran Hayler wants to ''steer'' his kids away from showbiz careers.

The former stripper is worried that Jett, seven, and six-year-old Bunny will be tempted by the lure of becoming social media stars in the future, particularly because being the offspring of Katie Price offers them a ''good platform'', and he'd much prefer them to focus on their education.

He told new! magazine: ''The trouble is all kids want to be at the moment is YouTubers and influencers because they see all these people making shedloads of money for not doing a lot.

''It's really difficult to steer children in another way because it's easy to make money from social media.

''With Kate as their mum, it gives them a good platform for stuff like that but I would like the kids to do what comes to them naturally.

''It would be good to try and steer them away from that and focus on a good education first, then let them choose what they want to do.''

Kieran is keen for his children not to be ''spoilt brats'' and wants them to be ''grounded'' as much as possible.

He said: ''I do [enjoy spoiling them] but only on special occasions. At the end of the day, I don't want them to grow up being spoilt brats. I try to keep them as grounded as possible.

''They know on their birthdays they're going to get spoiled, but the rest of the time if they ask for something it's usually going to be a no. They don't get everything they ask for, that's for sure.''