Kiernan Shipka says 'Mad Men' ending is the ''closest thing'' she'll get to graduating.

The 15-year-old actress has been schooled on the set of the drama series - in which she plays Sally Draper - and is a bit scared about what the future holds now the programme is drawing to a close.

She said: ''There is a bit of fear and that's crazy to wrap my head around.

''It does have that graduating school vibe. Because I never really went to a traditional school, it really is the closest thing I'm ever going to get to that. It feels like that new chapter - melancholy, bittersweet.''

Despite her fears, Kiernan is also excited about what the future holds.

She said: ''It would be so sad if I couldn't act again. I'm looking forward to playing - hopefully playing - fun characters, characters who excite me and challenge me and interest me. This is what I love.''

When she hasn't been filming 'Mad Men', the actress is a member of improve group Detention Hall and loves their relaxed approach.

She told Stylist magazine: ''We practice every Saturday and then perform at 6.30pm. You'll get a suggestion and riff off that.

''With 'Mad Men', every single word is exactly what the page says - not a 'they're' to a 'they are' - it's all super specific.

''So, this is a total 180 from that. It's also just fun, it's a totally different environment. It's fun to make people laugh.''