Following the reveal that Kiernan Shipka would be taking on the titular role in upcoming Netflix original series 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' - based on the Archie Comics graphic novel of the same name - comes news from Mark Pedowitz on exactly why the show was taken by the streaming platform, instead of airing alongside the show from which it has spawned, 'Riverdale', on The CW.

Mark Pedowitz (centre) serves as boss at US network The CWMark Pedowitz (centre) serves as boss at US network The CW

When it was revealed Netflix would be hosting the show, the company revealed that they had already ordered two separate seasons of 'Sabrina', totalling 20 episodes. With a dark tone similar to 'Rosemary's Baby' expected to run through it, the series should be allowed to break down any boundaries that would usually surround it on television in its home.

Speaking with Deadline, CW boss Pedowitz explained the reasoning behind 'Sabrina' going to Netflix: "I was aware, I was deeply involved with (WBTV president) Peter (Roth) on the whole thing. It was a decision which I understood from a business point of view. Netflix offered them a two-year deal, we weren’t going to do that. Netflix has had great success and should get some credit for helping us get Riverdale binged, and our guys get a lot of credit from bringing the guys who binged (on Netflix) back to the network and our digital site. I wish them the best."

Netflix have been working harder than ever before as of late to ensure their slate of original programming is some of the most impressive in the industry, and adding 'Sabrina' to that only increases their chances of success. They clearly have a lot of faith in the team working behind-the-scenes on the show in ordering two seasons of the series, and will be hoping that the viewers who tune into 'Riverdale' both on The CW and in Netflix in territories away from the US will be just as interested in this show, which takes place in the same universe.

Pedowitz also used the opportunity to address rumours that 'Sabrina' wouldn't be on The CW because it may be similar to the planned 'Charmed' reboot, dismissing them and explaining: "The real similarities between the two shows is witches. They were very different concepts in how they will be handled – one has Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s patina to it, one has Jenny Urman’s – very different storytellers, very different versions of what the show should be."

Thankfully, plenty of us are excited for both shows, and can't wait to settle down and watch them! Bring them on!

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